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Service/Sales territory planning

Service territory planning is also called sales territory planning/optimization, as it is very popularly used in sales/marketing. if you have a large market and need a number of sales persons/teams, you may want to partition the market into a number of territories and assign each territory a sales team. However, you may found it is really a headache to divide the market into territories under your preferred criteria, such as equal amount of workload.


Fortunately, we have developed a unique optimization program to release you from the complicated work. It can help clients to optimally allocate their services/sales resources and maximize their productivity. The framework of the territory planning may include:


Questions can be answered by the territory planning


With the planning program developed by our team, clients may input their special requirements of the territory planning. For example:



Example of Service territory optimization --- Service territory planning in Mississauga Ontario

This is a demonstration how the service territory planning works. The City of Mississauga is used as an example. The entire population is assumed to be our target market. Only three basic goals (criteria) are included in this planning:

There may be conflicts between the 2nd and 3rd goals in realities. This means we have to sacrifice one goal to a certain extent to fullfil the other goal. It is actually extreme difficult to keep balance tween different criteria and maximize clients' satisfaction. This is why we developed an advanced optimization tool to solve the complicated problem in an easy way.

We utilized the census data of 2016 as well as other base information (e.g., roads, rivers, railways). After a series of advanced spatial analysis and automated optimization simulation, the program automatically evaluated millions of territory planning scenarios and finally output the optimal solution: the City of Mississauga was divided into 20 service territories with workload variation less than 6% (see the following map).

The entire flamework is developed by our own team, which means we can customize the application to fullfil any specific requirements from the clients. For example: